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Can We Live Without Competition?

Question: You have said that from Jesus' point of view, competition is undesirable. My question is, what do we do in this plane we live in, where there is competition in everything such as competition for a job or promotion? How can we live practically without competition?

Jesus began with practical instructions 2000 years ago. His teachings then were also greeted with much resistance, as if they were impractical. He said things like: Take no thought for what you should wear and what you should eat. In terms of vocation, he simply said: Follow me. It did not matter if they were tax collectors or fishermen. It did not matter if they were single or married. He just looked into their eyes and said two words: Follow me. For a young wealthy businessman, he said: Sell all that you have, give to the poor, and follow me. When a man protested that his father had just died, Jesus said: Let the dead bury the dead. There was not even an allowance for a period of grieving, because Jesus was the "way, the truth and the life", and had nothing but good news to share, nothing to grieve about. In terms of vocation, Jesus said: Look at the lilies of the field. They neither spin nor toil. The lilies certainly did not fight or compete, and Jesus said, Look how our heavenly Father has clothed them.

The message of Jesus has not changed, not in 2000 years and it never will. For myself, I had to realize that in order to serve God completely, in order to serve one master, I would have to learn how to trust. There is no way I could even attempt to live his message without taking a leap of trust. Jesus says we believe we would starve if we didn't have stacks of green paper strips and metal discs. He says that all the things that we believe support and sustain us in this world are just foolish beliefs made to take the place of truth. He told me that the truth would sustain me in all circumstances, without exception. He repeated his teaching of 2000 years ago: Seek first the kingdom of Heaven, and that all other things would then be given.

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