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Dreamer of the Dream Experience

Dreamer of the Dream Experience

My heart feels so warm. I had a beautiful experience this evening. I experientially felt that I’m the dreamer of the dream! This realization may not last long, but that doesn’t matter. Because it will never stop being true✨

If God is everything, and God is love, then how could the experience of sadness or anxiety truly be separate from love? Are these experiences not actually love in truth; with love being the foundation upon which these experiences can arise? Only the ego would have us believe that ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions can be separate from love or truth, and that we should try to control them to prevent guilt.

So I began to love EVERYTHING the separate self would judge as negative, because this is what Spirit does, our true Identity. I loved the block I was feeling in my heart space. I loved the guilt that began to arise. I loved the judgment thoughts of myself and others, exactly as those thoughts are. I then began to experience insight into how innocent this dream is. You really can just watch your character and see its sweet innocence, playing out its part in the dream, egoic thoughts and all! Forgiveness is loving guilt out of its perceived existence, because we are the loving presence underneath.

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