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About Us: Pathway of the Christ

Live a Life Inspired by Jesus' Mystical Teachings

Welcome to the adventure of the Christ that you are! This is where you’ll awaken to God’s Love and feel His presence like never before. By putting divine principles into practice, we open up our hearts and follow Jesus' daily guidance from the Christ within.

Our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online courses were created by a group of enthusiastic volunteers influenced by David Hoffmeister’s teachings. Our search for truth has brought us closer to God, and we want you to join us! If you want to connect with others who share a passion for Jesus’ mystical teachings, join our “Tribe of Christ” online community.

Christ mighty companions on Zoom

David Hoffmeister

Your Personal Guide to the Christ Experience

David Hoffmeister Christian mystic

Meet David Hoffmeister, the Christian mystic who’s behind this website. He’s proof that consistent peace is possible, and his relaxed and clear way of speaking is a blessing to everyone. David is famous for his practical take on Jesus’ mystical teachings and always points straight to the Christ – the shared mind with our Creator.

For the past 35+ years, David has been spreading Jesus’ message of love all over the world, visiting 44 countries across 6 continents. He regularly speaks at events and offers online workshops, like movie-based Awakening sessions. Discover more about David Hoffmeister here.

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