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What is Christian Mysticism?

Living in Devotion to God Through Stillness

Joy Without Sacrifice

Christian mysticism is about real joy. It is about leading a life devoted to becoming more intimate with God, to knowing His Presence and having every moment of every day dedicated to being Used as a messenger of His Joy. In the following video, David shares about the true meaning of poverty, chastity, and obedience, as three keys towards experiencing this Joy without sacrifice.

Christian Mysticism

Christian Mysticism

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"In The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God', and he's talking about purity of thought. Everything that we perceive is the result of our thoughts and only by purifying our thoughts—having no thoughts that are apart from God, can we know our Self as God created It."

David Hoffmeister, Christian Mystic


The Mystical Transition to Oneness

Enjoy the following letter written to a student by David Hoffmeister. It was in reply to a request from the student for a deeper understanding about how to transition into an awareness of mystical Oneness with Christ.

Dear Beloved,

The mystical transition happens prior to mystical Oneness. Resurrection is when Christ is recognized. This is the completion called the mystical State, the gateway to Eternity. No longer is there a person, for Spirit is forever One with God.

Before the mystical Union is the gift of contemplation. It is the INVITATION to this higher life to be unfolded. This gift is like a trumpet call, which begins the FINAL JOURNEY to God. Forgiveness points the way. It should be defined here what it is. Read More...

David Hoffmeister

Experience the Real Power of Jesus’ Teachings

Christian mysticism, which is based on the teachings of Jesus, is all about connecting with God, and when you put Heaven first, everything else will fall into place. To go deeper into the topic of Christian mysticism and learn how to transcend conflict in your life, we invite you to take our free mini-course.

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