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Who Is Jesus Christ?

"The Name of Jesus stands for a Love that is not of this world, for Love is Eternal and the cosmos is temporary."

David Hoffmeister

Jesus is the Holy Son of God, as are you. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light, as are you. Jesus came to earth to be a witness for his Father’s Love and to teach Forgiveness. His name brings associations such as Peace, Miracles, Love, and Healing, and his mystical teachings were full of parables and stories which helped those with the ears to hear to understand God and the nature of Salvation. God has many helpers, but the question of who is Jesus Christ a very important one. Jesus is your beloved elder brother, and your very Self. He is the bearer of Christ’s single message of the unconditional Love of God. You need no other. It is possible to read his words and benefit from them without accepting him into your life. Yet he can help you just a little more if you will share your pains and joys with him and ask for his help.

“Our connection with Jesus is really our connection with our Self because Jesus is a symbol that represents the Self that God created.”

David Hoffmeister

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Christ is a Perfect Divine Idea, and Jesus is the name of one who demonstrates or represents or symbolizes this Divine Idea. The Name of Jesus stands for a Love that is not of this world, for Love is Eternal and the cosmos is temporary. Jesus Christ is therefore a symbol and the Love the Name represents is the Spirit that is One with God. True Identity is the Christ. Jesus remembered the truth that nothing we can do can change God's unconditional, eternal Love. He now teaches that we must forget our dreams of sin and guilt, and come with him instead to share in the resurrection of our Christ Mind. And in doing so, we bring everyone with us. 

The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ, a man no longer, but at one with God. Jesus the Christ remains a savior because he saw the false without accepting it as true. And Christ needed his form that He might appear to men and save them from their fears. Follow Him as He asks you to and you will see within yourself, the Way, the Truth, and the Light that Jesus showed himself to be.

When you know the answer to Who Jesus Christ is, you will also know the answer to Who You Are. 

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