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Who Is Jesus Christ?

The Embodiment of Unconditional Love and the Perfect Example of Divine Alignment

God has many helpers, but the question of who is Jesus Christ a very important one. Jesus is your beloved elder brother, and your very Self. He is the embodiment of unconditional love and the perfect example of how to live in alignment with the truth of our divine nature. He is the wayshower, showing us how to live in harmony with God and how to love one another. He is the bridge between Heaven and Earth, and his teachings are a reminder of our true identity as spiritual beings.

“Our connection with Jesus is really our connection with our Self because Jesus is a symbol that represents the Self that God created.”

David Hoffmeister

Our Relationship with Jesus

Our Relationship with Jesus

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Jesus the Christ as a Savior

Jesus' role as a savior is rooted in his ability to see the face of Christ in all people, which allowed him to remember God and become one with Him. By following Jesus' example and recognizing the false without accepting it as true, we too can become identified with Christ and experience the salvation that comes with it.

Ultimately, understanding the true nature of Jesus Christ will lead us to discover our own true nature as well. When we recognize the Love that Jesus represents, we also come to know ourselves as part of that Love. Therefore, the question "Who is Jesus Christ?" is closely linked to the question "Who am I?"

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