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The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

Exploring the Spiritual Depth of Jesus’ Words

The Treasures of the Heart

The mystical teachings of Jesus point us inward to the truth. They invite to us to open our hearts to the mystical reality of our oneness with God.  Jesus taught that we have the same power he discovered to forgive the world and remember reality; that as we learn to forgive and extend this gift of innocence to our brothers, we give ourselves that same gift which Jesus gave to us.

In the Chamber of Your Heart

In the Chamber of Your Heart

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"The words of Jesus in the Bible are a powerful reminder of the divine truth that lies within us all. They are not just words, but rather, they are tools for spiritual transformation."


David Hoffmeister

Revealing the Inner Meaning of Jesus' Words

Take the time to reflect on the mystical teachings of Jesus’ below and explore their deeper meanings, as this can help you gain insight into your own spiritual journey and find the answers you seek. By uncovering the hidden wisdom of Jesus’ teachings, you can gain a greater understanding of the divine truth that lies within us all.