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Jesus: A Gospel of Love
Online Courses

Practice and Live the Mystical Teachings of Jesus

Learn To Live In Peace

Our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online curriculum provides modern day tools, parables, and teachings to help you apply Jesus’ mystical teachings to your everyday life and be at peace. These online courses are highly interactive and fun!

When we live Jesus’ teachings, we feel a sense of contentment, peace, joy, and purpose. Through our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online curriculum you will learn to deepen your experience of this state of mind and gradually transfer it to all areas of life.

Mystical Christ Academy

The Mystical Christ Academy is an 8-week immersion in the practical application of Jesus' Gospel of Love. It's purpose is to help you unwind from old roles in your life based on compromise, and begin opening to the Mystical Christ within.

Registration for this Academy will be open in early February. Sign up to be notified once it is!

Man walking up mystical sand dunes

You Are Forgiven

Jesus never asks us to analyze the past or to become a better person. He said to rise up and walk, right now! His message is: the Light has come, right now. You are unconditionally loved and forgiven NOW.

Everything is forgiven in his Divine Love.


– Frances Xu

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