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Jesus: A Gospel of Love
Online Courses

Apply the Mystical Teachings of Jesus for a Fulfilling Life

Transform Your Life with Jesus’ Message

Embrace the Power of Love and Forgiveness

You can live a happy life in the Christ Mind, just like Jesus wanted for us. Our Jesus: A Gospel of Love online programs are here to make that a reality. With our cutting-edge approach, you can quickly and effectively apply Jesus’ mystical teachings to your life and see real results. Click the image below to try our free 30-Minute sample course.

  • Discover the transformative power of love and forgiveness with practical illustrations, journaling exercises, guided meditations, and live events.

  • Experience the peace and happiness that comes from knowing everything is forgiven in Jesus’ love.

  • Embrace the life-changing teachings of the Christ Mind.

  • Start your journey to a happier life today.

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Joyful mighty companions in Christ

Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online Pilot Course

Our Foundational 1-Week Course

Discover a whole new way of seeing the world—through the eyes of Christ! This 1-week course is our very first program on this platform and offers a strong foundation for anyone seeking to live in harmony with Jesus' teachings in a joyful, inspiring way. Open your heart to a transformative experience like no other.

Mystical Christ Academy

Transformative 8-Week Academy

Discover the ultimate power of Jesus’ gospel of love with the Mystical Christ Academy. This 8-week program will guide you in applying his teachings to your daily life, allowing you to shed old, compromising ways and embrace the mystical Christ within. With weekly lessons involving video clips, journal exercises, guided meditations, and lots of pre-recorded live sessions featuring David Hoffmeister and his long-term students, this Academy is designed to bypass the ego and go straight to the heart!

Click the button below to learn more about this life-changing 8-week online Academy!

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You Are Forgiven
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You Are Forgiven

Embrace the liberating message of Jesus’ gospel of love and forgive yourself. Jesus invites us to rise up and walk in the present moment without analyzing the past. Experience the peace that Frances Xu shares about in the video—knowing everything is forgiven in Jesus’ love. Let go of the past and walk in his gospel now. 

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