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David Hoffmeister
Christian Mystic

Practical Christianity in Action

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About Christian Mystic David Hoffmeister

A Life Devoted to God

David Hoffmeister is a living example of peace and serenity. His compassionate nature and articulate, unwavering speech are a blessing to all. He is renowned globally for his teachings on spiritual awakening, which are presented in an accessible and practical way. His insight into the power of forgiveness, as well as his unique approach to mindful movie-watching to help let go of judgments, is unparalleled. His message is pure and leads directly to the divine.

"The life of Mysticism is as spontaneous and playful as it is serene and tranquil. Alive and energized by the living moment, the need for rituals and rules and structures falls away from the mind.”

David Hoffmeister
Modern-Day Christian Mystic

The Experience of a Modern-Day Mystic

By David Hoffmeister


My presence hasn’t changed in many years. I retired when the body was 34. I gave the body and the mind and everything over to Jesus. Jesus told me this would happen. He told me, "You won’t have a career." And at that point—it was 1991—I was hearing Jesus’ voice on a daily basis, instructing me in a very conversational tone. It made my life extremely easy; never had a difficult decision to make. For myself, I was told where to go, who to meet, what to do, what to say—very, very practical.

In that year, Jesus said to me, "Now you are mine. You have no life of your own. No future ambitions. No future goals." That was the end of my human will. And with it came a very deep peace that seemed to grow stronger in those early years. It got deeper and deeper. Like I was watching a movie. Like the world was a fairy tale. I wasn’t striving to make anything different. I didn’t have any motive to convince anybody of anything. I was just in a deep acceptance. Then the gifts of the Spirit started coming very strong and in many different ways, like using music and movies. I still marvel at how the symbols get used. I never take anything for granted. It always seems amazing and marvelous. We can all learn from the mystical teachings of Jesus.

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