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Your Holiness Is the Answer to All Problems

Embrace your holiness by living from a place of joy, and unlock the power to overcome all of life's challenges!

☑️ How to choose the right mind in every moment.
☑️ Access your holiness NOW by understanding the illusory nature of problems.
☑️ Align with true life's calling through forgiveness.

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


Your Holiness Is Available Now

Our purpose is not a future quest but a present commitment; to remember an ancient agreement we made with God to live in holiness and happiness in the present moment.

The Path to Peace Is Inside You

The path to peace unfolds when you cease to look for answers in the world and turn inward to the Spirit. This deep purpose brings fulfillment and simplicity to your life.

Your Holiness Brings Peace

The birth of holiness occurs when we decide to look release our judgments about the world and accept a new perception. Sink into stillness and watch as a blanket of holy peace spreads across your world.

Experience Your Holiness Now

You have a higher purpose right now in this moment! Get started with a deep dive into a 3-day retreat package with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu and feel the birth of holiness in your heart.

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