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Relax into Present Moment Guidance

Enjoy our free 3-part video series to learn how the Holy Spirit can guide you into a state of mind of consistent joy and peace!

☑️ Get in touch with the deepest and most sincere desire of your heart.
☑️ Discover how the Holy Spirit can use ANY of the symbols in time and space for a transformation of consciousness.
☑️ Experience deep feelings of joy, relaxation, and flow as you tune into the Holy Spirit's loving guidance for you.

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


Feel the ‘Yes!’ in Your Heart!

Use all of your heart to say, “I'm coming to You God with everything I've got!” and then watch as the Spirit rains down blessings on you to say “Thank you!”

The Holy Spirit Can Use Everything

When it is our sincere desire to want God's Love to fill our heart, then the Holy Spirit will use everything in our lives to help us.

Relax into the Present Moment

The Holy Spirit's guidance is designed to bring you into the holy instant. You can relax into the present moment and let Him take care of your future!

A Direct Pathway

The pathway of A Course in Miracles is designed to save time. Through guidance we are offered a direct pathway to God. Step into the experience of the full retreat by clicking below.

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