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The Key to Healing in Mind

We can relax! Very little is asked of us! Simply decide now to use everything for healing and then allow the Spirit correct and heal your mind.

☑️ Overcome frustration on the spiritual path and find peace. 

☑️ No effort needed—simply say "yes" to healing and let Spirit to do all the work! 

☑️ Gain a new perception of others, the world, and yourself—in the light of innocence!

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


Ask & Receive

We cannot navigate this path alone, and we are given a loving guide who is with us 100% of the time. All we have to do is ask for help; this moment is the gateway!

What Does It Take To Heal?

It takes forgiveness! But it is not your job to correct thoughts in your mind, to heal, or even to forgive. Just open your mind to the loving thoughts of the Holy Spirit.

Lift Your Mind Above the Physical

True healing is about opening to a peaceful perception, beyond the conditions of the body and the world!

Leap into Healing Now!

Healing can be instantaneous, happening the moment that we value peace and joy more than sickness and pain. Choose this instant to experience healing in mind! Experience the full retreat with ACIM teacher, Frances Xu.

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