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Get To Know Jesus in a Whole New Way

When we let go of our ideas of who we think Jesus is, he reveals himself to us as a gentle, open, and loving companion.

☑️ Get to know Jesus as a helper and a friend.
☑️ Experience how Jesus is present in every situation or circumstance in your life.
☑️ Follow Jesus to unplug from the ego and experience a peace that is not of this world.

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


Jesus: Your 100% Accessible Helper

Jesus is present in every situation in your life! Wouldn't you like to explore a connection with one who is available to you all the time?

Choose the Second Place to Gain the First

You are a perfect creation of God. It is through humbleness and following the Spirit that we remember our true Identity.

Walk with Jesus

Jesus is a perfect example of having let go of time and space completely. Now, He walks beside us to help us do the same.

Embrace Jesus as Your Brother

Allow this full retreat package with David Hoffmeister to deepen your understanding and connection with Jesus, transforming him from a distant figure to your beloved elder brother.

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