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You Are Destined for Eternal Love

Uncover and embrace your life’s purpose—forgiveness!

☑️ Uncover the one true decision in your mind for purpose. 

☑️ Discover that all problems can be overcome by realizing the power of your mind. 

☑️ Let go of planning for the future and discover that your mind is made for communion with God.

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


You Are the Happiness!

When you let go of thinking our happiness can be found in achievements, possessions, or people, you realize that YOU ARE the happiness!

Let the Spirit Shine through You

Let the Spirit loosen your identification with the body by letting Him laugh, sing, hug, and shine through you! That's how you realize your true identity as Spirit.

Purpose Is a Decision in the Mind

The Spirit will help you discover your life’s purpose—forgiveness—in your mind. You are destined for eternal love, joy, harmony, and oneness!

There's only one choice!

Purpose is a decision in the mind. The Spirit offers us practical and gentle guidance to unwind our mind back to the choice for eternal love. Say yes to finding your golden needle! Experience the full retreat with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu.

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