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Let Your Joy Shine!

When we allow ourselves to truly relax into the present moment, our laughter and joy shine through!

☑️ Let go of thoughts about the past and fully relax into present trust.
☑️ Learn about the Law of Heaven: giving and receiving are the same!
☑️ Tap into your free will—a state of being that reflects God’s freedom, love, happiness, and joy!

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


The Spirit of Joy

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Joy! When we say yes to learning the Holy Spirit’s lessons, we become a happy learner!

Giving Is a State of Mind

The Holy Spirit teaches that giving and receiving are the same. And where our mind is at, is what we give. So, every time we call on the Spirit, we receive His answer and we give to the whole Sonship!

Our Function Is Forgiveness

When we are in a happy state of mind, we reflect God’s love and light. This is how we accept our Spirit-given function of forgiveness.

Feel the Joy of the Present Moment!

When we use our mind to experience the joy of the Present Moment, we become happier and happier! Take part in the Great Awakening! Experience the full retreat with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu now.

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