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Holy Relationship Is the Gateway to True Intimacy

Take our 3-part video series on how to experience true intimacy through holy relationship.

☑️ Relax and trust that the right relationships will be given you, without any effort on your part. 

☑️ Learn how to have vibrant, present-moment relationships.

☑️ Release your expectations of others and be happy no matter what.

Watch our free 3-part video series below. No email required!


Holy Relationships Are Given

Listen to the prayer of your heart for healing and allow a holy relationship to show up in your life effortlessly.

Let the Holy Spirit Redefine Your Relationships

Let go of expectations in others and experience a freshness and vibrancy in all of your relationships.

Become A
Shining Light

Learn how to tap into the holy instant so you can be a shining light reflecting love onto your brothers and yourself.

Surrender Your Heart to Love

Put the Holy Spirit in charge of all your relationships and allow your heart to open up to true intimacy. Experience the full retreat with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu.

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