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Dear Beloved,

The mystical transition happens prior to mystical Oneness. Resurrection is when Christ is recognized. This is the completion called the mystical State, the gateway to Eternity. No longer is there a person, for Spirit is forever One with God.

Before the mystical Union is the gift of contemplation. It is the INVITATION to this higher life to be unfolded. This gift is like a trumpet call, which begins the FINAL JOURNEY to God. Forgiveness points the way. It should be defined here what it is. It is the ability to Perceive wholeness at once:

David Hoffmeister

THE SUBJECT CEASES TO PERCEIVE HIMSELF IN THE MULTIPLICITY AND DIVISION OF HIS GENERAL CONSCIOUSNESS. HE IS RAISED ABOVE HIMSELF. A PURE THOUGHT SUBSTITUTES ITSELF FOR THE NORMAL SELF. IN THIS STATE, IN WHICH CONSCIOUSNESS OF I-HOOD AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE WORLD DISAPPEAR, THE MYSTIC IS CONSCIOUS OF BEING IN IMMEDIATE RELATION with GOD. One sees instantly that the only way one could remove the taint was to still the mind and release all attachments with people. It is at the point of people—wanting their love, wanting involvement, that one falls short. It is always applause, recognition on an earthly level, that trips one up. Stillness is the way.


Withdrawal from the thinking of the world is the only answer. Distraction from God saps your energy, confuses and distorts awareness. You can do more by praying than by talking. The Lord will say "drop everything and forget all." What you DO want to do is to be open to the eternal realm of God; to think about Truths and to receive impressions from the Divine Mind. It isn't any use to tell the mystic not to focus on those things; for this was the mystic born, for this the mystic is talented. You might as well tell someone like Mozart not to compose music.

The state of mystical life is a type of cocoon. It is an atmosphere, a world wherein the mystic soars. It is NOT a delusional world, but it is in tuned to another dimension—Higher. In this mystical cocoon you are developing, but in another way than the typical life. You are learning to use faculties that have previously been dormant or inactive, or you are learning to use full force those talents you already used in part.

When you enter the cocoon you release all about you. The world of time and space and people and friends and relatives fades into the background of consciousness and disappears. You live in the Heart of God.

Love, David

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