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Awaken to the Mystical Christ Within


Experience Peace, Joy, and Purpose With Our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online Programs

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It is possible to follow Jesus in a very direct and practical way, and to find joy in everyday living. It is our inheritance to be truly happy and to live an inspired life!
 Through our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online interactive courses, Tribe of Christ community, our events and stays, you are invited into the mystical Christ within. 


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Get connected with others who are also on the path of Christian mysticism. Share your experiences, struggles, and questions with the Tribe of Christ online community. When we come together, it’s a powerful experience!

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"The only way to find true safety, security, and freedom is by actually living Jesus’ teachings, not just talking about them.”

David Hoffmeister
Modern-Day Christian Mystic

Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online

Embody the teachings of Jesus and experience the transformational power of the mystical Christ. Our Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online programs guide you on your journey to awaken to the love and presence of God within. With practical tools and interactive live events, we show you how to live a life filled with joy, peace, and purpose. Join our Tribe of Christ online community and discover a life beyond your wildest dreams.


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Loved it. It definitely held the same power as a physical retreat and then some. I’ve been in bed all day integrating!

Chris, CA

Experience Jesus’ Mystical Teachings

Unlock Your Full Potential with Love

Jesus’ teachings, also known as the gospel of love, invite us to open up and see the world through a different lens – the lens of the Holy Spirit. By shifting our perspective, we can tap into the peace and happiness that come from unconditional love, which is our birthright. The mystical Christ is more than just an idea – it’s a real-life experience of inner peace and greatness that shows us who we really are in God.

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About David Hoffmeister

This website is based on the teachings of modern Christian mystic David Hoffmeister. He’s a living example of the gospel of love and shows how to fully embody the mystical Christ and live a life of peace and joy. His teachings inspire us to dedicate our lives to practical application of Jesus’ principles, which have been proven to work. Through David, we get to explore and experience the mystical Christ within ourselves, leading to a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

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