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Deepening in Purpose

Deepening in Purpose

I was just walking around a mall in Salt Lake City while waiting for a dealership to finish working on one of our cars from the Monastery. I was starting to realize something deep.

At the Monastery, we're used to having some kind of darkness come up on a daily basis and I noticed for myself at least, there used to be an attitude of "I don't want to deal with this stuff coming up" 🤣😅

But while I was walking around at the mall, I noticed a feeling of nothingness starting to come in and meaninglessness. But then I sat down at a table and starting working on my Spirit-given projects and I noticed a familiar trigger come up with someone. Then I noticed my typical reaction of, "I don't want to deal with this" come up with the trigger. Then I realized the purpose of this world is to allow the darkness up so it can be healed. It's not a problem, it just needs to come up and that's only what this world is for.

All of a sudden, I felt so joyful as I allowed this trigger to come up happily. There were so many people around me outside and I felt like shouting out the good news, "All this world is is for healing, rejoice!!! There is no other purpose, it's so simple!" (I didn't because it didn't feel appropriate 🤣😅 it was just for me.) But I just felt so safe, and still do. I felt that everyone loved me and wanted to support me. There's no problem if the only purpose for the world is healing. The world will actually support you if you have that purpose.

Literally as I'm typing this, the song playing all around me has these lyrics: 🎶 Might as well face it, you're addicted to love 🎶

Depression, Depressed, Anxious, Anxiety, Sad, Sadness, Despair, Dark, Darkness, Loneliness, Alone, Lonely

Purpose, Mind Training, Focus, Intention, Calling, Goal, Devotion, Plan

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