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Dependence on God: A Journey Towards Peace

Dependence on God: A Journey Towards Peace

Let’s embark on an exploration of the lesson: "I want the peace of God." If we want to live a joyful life of dependence on God, then we need to take a look at what we truly desire and what we are still holding onto.

At the heart of this lesson lies a simple yet profound truth: the importance of going beyond mere words. When we say the words, "I want the peace of God," it is not about the words themselves but the sincerity with which we mean them. Jesus assures us that when our desire is genuine, there is no suffering that we cannot rise above.

The journey toward the peace of God is really about wanting to know that God's Will and my will are the same: for perfect happiness. That is a very high prayer!

It takes a lot of miraculous experiences to wash away that sense of fear of God dependency, because we have become so accustomed to taking care of ourselves personally. We need to be convinced by the Holy Spirit. We are just like little children that need to be convinced and be shown the way. And the more that happens—through miracles and by following our inner prompts—the deeper we realize that our dependence on God is actually aligned with the deepest prayer of our heart: to know that we are fully cared for.

When we become more and more focused on what we truly want in our heart of hearts, then things start to shift and the world begins to reflect more and more witnesses. 

David: “I have one friend who's been praying and praying and praying and praying, and she just received an invitation from a friend of hers who said, ‘Here, come to this country, I'll buy you an air ticket, I welcome you with open arms, come and stay and live with me.’ And it was such a beautiful reflection of surrender, of letting go.”

It is like that beautiful prayer in A Course in Miracles, "Holy Spirit, decide for God for me." It is not a “personal me” that is making this decision. As we align with this prayer, we feel relaxed and things just show up as a reflection of this. We start to recognize experientially that dependence on God and experiencing the peace of God go hand in hand!

Source: “Dependence on God” online retreat package. Learn more here.

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